Jump In

This is a picture of me in the Cola de Caballo waterfall in Yelapa, Mexico in 2010. I chose this picture because, since I was a small girl I’ve always felt a physical, tractor-beam-like pull to jump into any body of water, especially waterfalls and the ocean.

Growing up in Oregon, waterfalls and ocean meant COLD, with our glacier-fed Columbia Gorge rivers cascading off shear cliffs and often blustery Pacific coastline. But the cold never seems to matter that much–I love the feeling when the freezing water slaps me in the face and wakes up every cell in my body.

I think this is the perfect metaphor for my life because–despite the years of childhood trauma that should have long since beaten me into the dust, broken my heart into pieces and left me for dead–I always seem to jump headfirst into love and trying new things. I guess that means I must be crazy, stupid or brave.

A few days ago I was sitting on my back porch in the warm, summer evening breeze and a dear friend told me I was the bravest person she’s ever met.

Last night, with a similar feel in the air, I realized I might finally be able to believe her. This is why I started this site.